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Your Voice

Post-Conference Feedback Survey

82 participants responded to the post-conference survey. Below are the results.


  1. Which best describes your role in the EAL field in Manitoba?



  1. What was your main reason for attending the event?



  1. Indicate your overall satisfaction with the event.



  1. What was MOST valuable about the conference?

Out of 82 responses to this question, the top three were:

  • Keynote
  • Connecting with peers
  • Breakout sessions


  1. What was LEAST valuable about the conference?

Out of 82 responses, the most common were:

  • The conference date, i.e. May
  • Insufficient opportunities to network
  • Session relevancy to some EAL subfields, e.g. EAP


  1. Rate the following items:







  1. Are there any other comments you’d like to share with us?

The answers to this question were varied and it was rather difficult to select top three responses. Therefore, below are some suggestions for improvements for our future events:

  • Change the conference date, i.e. host it either earlier in the year or later in the fall. May appears to be a busy month for most programs and a closing month for some, so the respondents were concerned about wasted opportunities to implement what they had learned right away in their classrooms. Valid point! A new conference date will be considered and put to vote before our membership.


  • Re-consider paperless approach. A suggestion was made to implement a mobile app in the future. <- We love this idea!


  • Publish the conference program sooner. Yes, we absolutely agree! However, it almost entirely depends on when we collect a desired amount of presentations. Thus, we suggest that all EAL teachers in Manitoba start thinking about and planning their 2018 presentations now, so their ideas are ready to roll when the presentation call comes out next year. To all EAL teachers: Please, have a session at the back of your mind from now on. Present a session next year. Share your tips and tested ways of teaching EAL!


  • Have more food choices. The majority of the participants loved the Clay Oven lunch. Some respondents commented on insufficient snack and beverage options during coffee breaks. One individual asked for non-spicy food options.


  • Improve crowd flow. Signage (maps, rooms) needs to be available. Some rooms were too small for the most popular sessions.


Important mention: The leftover food was donated to Siloam Mission on Princess Street. The food was dropped off there immediately after the conference.


Huge thanks to all who responded to the feedback survey. Your voice is important to our future planning and will be carefully considered and discussed in 2018.