Dr. Ken Beatty, Anaheim University TESOL Professor, has worked in secondary schools and universities in Asia, the Middle East, and North and South America, lecturing on language teaching and computer-assisted language learning from the primary through university levels. Author of 130+ textbooks, he has given 300+ teacher-training sessions and 100+ conference presentations in 30 countries. His most recent books are Learning English for Academic Purposes for Pearson Canada.


Language Learning Along the Yellow Brick Road
In 1962, Thomas Kuhn introduced the idea of the paradigm shift, where there is a fundamental change to the basic concepts and practices of a discipline. Language education is currently undergoing not one, but a series of paradigm shifts in which everything we once took for granted about the roles of teachers, learners, learning materials, and classrooms is being challenged. This talk uses L. Frank Baum’s 1900 novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, as an extended metaphor to examine (and make memorable) some of these changes. The overriding question of the presentation is how, like Dorothy, teachers and learners can adapt–and flourish–in a new reality.

Excellent Failures: Alternative Assessments
Traditional language assessments often measure the wrong things. This deprives students the feedback necessary to learn from their failures and teachers the opportunity to modify their teaching. Most importantly, these assessments ignore the critical and creative thinking skills that foster true communication skills. This workshop uses an example of basic content and explores different ways it might be exploited in alternative assessments that also function as learning opportunities.